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About the Embassy

The main tasks of the Embassy are the following:

  • Maintaining contacts with government and other institutions;
  • Strengthening bilateral relations between Slovenia and Poland in political, economic, cultural and other areas of mutual interest;
  • Offering support and protection of the interests of the Slovenian economy in Poland, and acting as a promoter and supporter of the internationalisation of the Slovenian economy in line with the economic strategy of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • Providing information on Slovenia and cooperation opportunities;
  • Providing protection and assistance to Slovenian residents in Poland and performing other consular tasks;
  • Promoting and protecting Slovenian positions on individual issues and current events;
  • Providing information to Slovenia on developments in the Republic of Poland.

The Embassy also has a non-resident jurisdiction for the Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia and Republic of Lithuania.


History of the Embassy

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Warsaw was opened in January 1995. Since then, the following Ambassadors have been appointed:

Bojan Grobovšek (15.01.1995 – 31.07.1999)

Zvone Dragan (01.12.1999 - 29.11.2003)

Božo Cerar (18.03.2004 - 18.12.2004)

Jožef Drofenik (19.04.2005 - 30.06.2009)

Marjan Šetinc (15.7.2009 – 31.7.2014)

Robert Krmelj (17.09.2014 - 21.08.2018)