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Economic cooperation


How successful is the operation of Slovenian companies with Poland, the most graphically shows the data for 2017, as this year Poland ranks 6th among all export markets - immediately after Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria and France. Export of Slovenian products to Poland amounted to EUR 868.62 million in 2017 and increased by 6.74% compare to year 2016. The trend of increasing exports to Poland has been recorded for several years in a row.

The total trade of Slovenia with Poland amounted to EUR 1,672.67 million, an increase of 10.77% over the previous year, thus Slovenia's position with Poland ranks 7th among all countries.

Regarding imports, Poland is ranked 9th among all countries. Imports of goods from Poland amounted to EUR 804.05 million in 2017 and increased by 15.49% compared to 2016, with the exchange of goods between the two countries becoming extremely balanced.

Many Slovenian companies are extremely active on the Polish market and have been present here for many years. These are companies from many sectors of the economy be we would highlight companies from the field of pharmaceutical industry, household appliances, electronics and electronic parts, and IT companies. These are companies whose products have high added value and are complementary to Polish companies.

You can contact Slovenian entrepreneurs in Poland through the association Triglav Rysy.